CBD Lavender Night Time Face Mask

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Replenish your skin and drift off to sleep in luxury with our Lavender CBD Face

Mask. This gently soothing product promotes healthy skin in a calming way.

Containing 20mg of active broad-spectrum CBD, this face mask will help you

wake up feeling rested and your facial skin feeling refreshed!

Lavender Night Time CBD Face Mask

Featuring broad-spectrum organic CBD, lavender extract, and a variety of other

active ingredients, our CBD Night Face Mask is one of the very best CBD beauty

products on the market. When you use this CBD face mask before you go to

sleep, you’re treating yourself to a full, satisfying night of rest that your face will

really appreciate! Go to bed enjoying a premium CBD-infused face mask, plus

hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that will leave your face feeling extra fresh

in the morning. Each CBD Night Face Mask contains 20mg of the best

broad-spectrum organic CBD on the market.

● 20mg of non-GMO, broad-spectrum, organically farmed CBD

● High quality CBD with access to 3rd party lab batch reports showing you

exactly what’s inside

● Effective ingredients penetrate through your skin effortlessly without

leaving behind any uncomfortable or harmful residues

● Enjoy the effects of our CBD Night Face Mask in only 10 minutes and go to

sleep feeling relaxed and happy!

Benefits of Using A CBD Face Mask

What is CBD good for when it comes to your skin? We’ve combined CBD with a

host of facial skin-friendly ingredients to create a CBD Face Mask that’s so

exciting, Urban Outfitters now carries it in their stores!

In addition to a potent amount of CBD, our CBD Night Face Mask also uses other

active ingredients to make it one of the best CBD face products you can buy. For

instance, this face mask contains hyaluronic acid , which may fight back against

wrinkles and dry skin while increasing collagen production. Our CBD Night Face

Mask also includes anti-microbial Enantia chlorantha bark extract; and most

importantly, it contains lavender extract, which snooze enthusiasts have

associated with good sleep for generations!

While lavender certainly helps you drift through the night without a care, it also

has impressive detoxifying effects. Lavender may reduce acne scarring, and it’s a

noted anti-inflammatory compound in its own right. Together, these active

botanical ingredients effortlessly heal and soothe your skin while you sleep.

Activation Time

Our Lavender CBD Night Face Mask takes effect in only 10 minutes. From the

moment you adhere your mask to your face, the active ingredients will start

absorbing into you skin. Like our other water-based CBD beauty products, our

CBD Night Face Mask uses the power of transdermal absorption to penetrate

multiple skin layers and deliver CBD and other active ingredients deep into your


The lavender extract in your CBD Night Face Mask starts to soothe and detoxify

your skin from the moment you apply this topical CBD product. Plus, the

antibacterial and antimicrobial effects of this mask’s other active ingredients,

such as Enantia chlorantha extract, waste no time in delivering healing benefits

deep into your skin.

To experience the best possible benefits of using your CBD Night Face Mask,

remember to leave it on your face for a full 10 minutes. Even after you remove

your mask, the broad-spectrum CBD and other botanicals in this mask will

continue to absorb into your epidermis and underlying tissues.