CBD Face Cleanser – Rejuvediol™

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Enjoy the combined power of charcoal, mint, and organic hemp extract,

Rejuvediol CBD Face Cleanser is a revolutionary way to achieve radiant, clear

skin. You’ll love how this face wash slowly expands into a purifying foam as

charcoal sucks out facial grime and dirt, while a wave of powerfully refreshing

mint soothes and leaves your skin feeling totally reborn. Environmental toxins,

skin impurities, and remnants of harsh makeup don’t stand a chance when you’re

cleansing with Rejuvediol.

CBD Face Cleanser – Rejuvediol™

With Rejuvediol CBD Face Cleanser, your skin and pores finally have access to

the ultimate at-home cleansing experience that will leave you feeling fresh and


It all starts with a dab of minty gel, which quickly becomes a soft, nourishing

foam as you work it into your skin. Instantly, the powerful pairing of charcoal and

mint works to eliminate and remove the day’s dirt, oil, and grime — replacing it

with layers of lasting hydration and noticeably clearer skin and pores.

It’s that combination of charcoal and mint that really sets Rejuvediol apart as a

best-in-class CBD face cleanser. Like yin and yang, the charcoal attacks skin

impurities while the mint swoops in to instantly soothe and pamper newly opened

pores. This cleanser is made with 100% organically grown hemp CBD oil, which

combines perfectly with Rejuvediol’s supporting ingredients to calm your skin

down and put a halt to excess facial oil — the same oil that’s causing you to keep

having those pesky acne breakouts.

At CBDfx, we know that you’re particular about what you put on your skin, and

we’ve kept that in mind at every stage of Rejuvediol’s product design. The result

is a facial cleanser that’s gentle, vegan, non-GMO, and never ever tested on

animals. Combining the ethical process you expect with a high-end skin care

experience you’ve only dreamed about — that’s the CBDfx promise, and we can’t

wait for you to see how your skin looks after trying Rejuvediol face cleanser.